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This technology and shape of the face allow the ball to remain straight even when hitting at an off-angle. It is also great when you need to spin the ball, as this tech also works in that regard. Where other popular drivers fail to give the ball a spin, the M4 is able to provide you with the necessary spin on Skype the ball. A lot of other drivers tend to miss-hit in these kinds of cases which might cost the player his match. There are some drivers who are good for spinning while there are others better for straight shots.

It also contains a technology called Spiralock, which is basically making sure the gravity remains as low as possible. A low center of gravity is necessary for drivers, as it makes it possible for the driver to get a higher launch. The face of the driver is a very important part, and, in this case, it is made up of Titanium. If you are in the market for the best quality club with the best performance, then you should look no further than the Mazel Titanium.

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  • It’s free to use for one person, with unlimited clients and projects, but limited integrations and calendar tools.
  • Some might like the plethora of configurations, but we found it easier to get going with our picks.
  • Like Harvest, you have to set up your projects and tasks before you can track them.
  • Timeneye also has a lot of reporting, projecting, and evaluation tools built into it that the average solo freelancer doesn’t need.

The face of the driver is made such that it is more rebounding with allows you to hit the ball at high speeds. If you shot the ball with this club, you will definitely be able to take the ball a long way, and the sound from this club is also very crisp. There are various kinds of loft settings available for the driver that you can adjust the launch angle of your ball.

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If you are new to golf, you might find it hard to choose the best for you and suits your playstyle. We have prepared a list & tell you the best driver for amatuer golfers, which you should definitely check out. While manufacturers would like you to replace your driver with their new model every year, there have been no "significant" changes in driver technology since 2008. Yes, companies have worked with adjustable head weights & hosels and aerodynamics. But, If you think a new driver is going to give you another 20 yards, you probably were not playing the right loft, lie and/or shaft flex.

This can come in real handy when you need to hit a long shot or a very short one. Easily adjusting the loft angle will allow you to hit all kinds of shots. You can easily hit long shots because the drivers offer a very low center of gravity which allows you to get higher launches.

The precise milling and design of the titanium face insert also deliver a slight curvature, which ensures the Cobra driver maintains better exit speed on mis-hits, as well as a better launch trajectory. Mid-to-high handicap golfers benefit from this by gaining more distance on mis-hits. Cobra’s designers have spent a lot of time designing the clubface on the F8, creating a titanium face that’s 10% lighter than in past versions. This gives less experienced golfers the ability to generate more swing speed.

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