Adidas launches new shoe “NMD” fourth screen pattern language !!



Adidas originals on the new model NMD by, select 2 color is with blackout and whiteout pack, start from July 19 to which this adidas shop every branch all over the country.

The highlight of this shoe is a watermark in 3- ト ラ ] プ の ブ ラ ン ド 3 stripe brand) that has up to 4 languages!!! a new and strange but unique and very charming, the shoe will use color monotone is the black and white feel smooth but not boring can match with all the I’m the heel of the shoe is a boost that will enter the running is ideal or enter the walk is easy because the lightweight comfort and design is unique, the color of the heel is the tone a gradient color to the shoe is what the very.

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