Nike launched a new innovative shoe!

nike hyper adapt

“nike” the brand sports shoes, again a brand that both the teen age does not model which normally nike is often create new innovations to the sports equipment, and always have the latest on the shoe top-of-the laces. Just like in the movies as a back to the future precisely! will state where to see!!!

Today at the Nike Innovation has launched HyperAdapt 1.0 training shoe that can tie his shoes by Nike, which automatically call this technology “Adaptive lacing” In addition to already tie their shoes by themselves. You can also adjust the rope that is more or less how to harness it.

When the user is wearing the shoe to the sensor that is located within the shoe will work immediately and the lacing system, we automatically if you feel that it was too tight or too loose, we are able to adjust the level of the lanyard shoe. From the two buttons on the side of the shoe.

Who would like to have the shoe hyperadapt 1.0 was a wait. A little because the nike will be sold this shoe in the Holidays length the end of the year 2016 by are available for purchase with 3 color as the image on the Yes

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