Drama “Ravana”


From the music video. “Visiting Thailand with a health” which Ravana is shown by activities such as drops Knmcrk selfie drive the kart without looking inappropriate, because the King of the Giants’ latest project’s tumultuous invited to Thailand to accept a cut em. Weekly “Thailand has a holiday” in which the complaint was resolved at the 40th percentile one week after the Ministry of Culture will consider again. For peace of mind of all parties

Meanwhile, the online world has to share a message from a Facebook profile. A post that content. Bet one million baht with the challenge of making a music video to promote tourism competitiveness. Judging by the audience Who won a silver medal Later, the informant said. Facebook is the Facebook of “Amgot” son of renowned national artists. And owns a bar

We have to make serious flaws in Facebook’s store. Thailand, which has been the cultural aspects. Presented through food, drink and shop. And noted that Why shop, which is used in cultural occupations. It is forbidden to touch others.

Last (22) of Facebook has clarified that such person is the only one of the advisers of the restaurant only confirm that the store supports the creativity of Thailand. The thoughts and actions of such individuals. Not about the spirit of it. The text is as follows:

Dear esteemed clients all The team wishes to clarify things … to all of you for understanding about things as you.
… The name stands for Bangkok The city offers a variety of cultures. And other words “The intelligent people of Thailand,” We have every confidence that Thailand is brilliantly clever clever clever ideas, we want to offer practical wisdom to Thailand Thailand appeared to have pride in the abuse of Thailand. Including foreigners

As for Thailand, one of the team are willing to work a lot. We have counseled many adults too. In order to give pride of Thailand this has to come off drugs, food, drinks, entertainment, architecture, as well as taking into account the value of the old neighborhood.

One of the consultants is that it gives you Amgot views and share experience to our team. The team has expressed regret causing any misunderstandings. With the intention I do a lot of things … We are also committed to supporting the creativity of Thailand to create something of value here.

Please note that the presentation and the comments on the page of each individual. A private matter that can be done. But not related to the spirit of Restaurant and bar staff … Thank you for your attention to it.

However, in later posts stakes duel with one million baht appeared on Facebook already.

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