Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake help Bahamas disaster efforts

Tiger Woods has teamed up with Justin Timberlake to help boost capital for the Bahamas.
The important champion and Grammy award winning singer are in support of restoration efforts and the Hurricane Dorian relief, one of the founders of the ONE Bahamas Fund.
Homes flattened when the islands were hit by the category five storm in the Caribbean two weeks 26, killing at least 50 individuals. An estimated 2,500 people are still missing, and tens of thousands are displaced.
“It is horrifying to find the videos and hear the tales about the ramifications of Hurricane Dorian,” explained Woods.
“We’re fitting each donation dollar for dollar so if someone gives $100, we will match it from that 1 pledge, we increase $200. Collectively we [the foundation partners] have pledged $6m (#4.8m).
“Our expectation is that others will join us in the effort so we can actually raise $12m (#9.7m) or more. The requirement at the Bahamas is quite genuine.”
A fifth of those Bahamas inhabitants was left homeless and nearly all the public infrastructure at Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands was destroyed.
“The images coming from The Bahamas are catastrophic,” said Timberlake.
“We all know people everywhere want to help, and we expect through the ONE Bahamas Fund, we’re enabling the broadest group of individuals to get involved and support the recovery and rebuilding efforts required to get nearly 70,000 people back on their feet”
More info regarding the ONE Bahamas Fund along with approaches to donate can be located at www.onebahamasfund.org.

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